Eggs are not available all the time, you can inquire as to what is currently available.

We test all of our eggs for fertility before we offer any for sale. Our pens are never more than 1 rooster per 5 hens to insure very high, usually 100% fertility.

This does not mean that every egg will hatch, only that they will be fertile.

We clean our nests every morning to insure a clean environment for the eggs when laid, this dramatically helps with hatchability rates.

We package our eggs for shipment with extreme care as we do realize that sometimes individuals in the postal service really doesn’t care about other peoples property.

We will send extra eggs when possible, almost every order has extras.

We insure every package sent containing eggs. Yes they are insurable. Sometimes it is a hassle with the post office, but we will help in any way we can if needed.


2 thoughts on “Eggs

    • Hey Dale, we are not selling eggs right now. We have a trio and a pair of lemon cuckoo juveniles for sale. The trio is 175.00 and the pair is 150.00, plus shipping. We do have usually 18 of their eggs going in the incubator every week. Our Blues have only just begun to lay doo we need to test hatch some and grow them for 2 months before we well let them go. We want good quality going out and are taking precaution. (posted this because I’m not sure the email went through)

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