We take deposits of 50% on all orders and the remainder must be paid prior to delivery prior. You will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of shpping date if final payment is not recieved. Deposits are non-refundable.

With hatching eggs, it is rare that all eggs hatch, we set more than needed for an order, but even then sometimes a breed or color may come up short on number. If this occurs, we will replace  any unhatched chicks with chicks of equal or greater value if available, otherwise, we will simply refund the value of any chicks unhatched.

Our chicks are sent via USPS and will have a mat for sure footing and fruit slices for hydration, along with grow gel. We will put your name and telephone number in bold writing on the box so you can be notified when your shipment arrives.

Any chicks that do not make the trip alive will be refunded. It does happen every now and then, once in the mail system things are out of our control. Proof is required, we ask that you take a camera and open the package at the post office and take a picture there with the background AND chick in view. (not that we don’t trust you, but some people are just not honest)

It is important to know how to receive and care for newly hatched shipped chicks BEFORE receiving them and have proper accommodations in place so they have the best chance for survival.

If for any reason things get delayed due to hens stop laying or weather takes a turn, we will notify you and ship at earliest date possible.


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